Share your Memories!

We are interested in receiving alumni memorabilia such as photographs, newspaper clippings, and historic tournament programs. Compiling our history is so important to the future of our program! Please send in your memorabilia as an image via email or the actual item in the mail. Don’t forgot to add dates pictures where taken, locations of game or event, etc.

Mail Memorabilia to:

Missoula Mavericks
Po Box 7622
Missoula, MT 59802

Email Memorabilia to:

Join our Alumi Network!

If you’re a Mavs alumni and haven’t heard from us lately, please fill out the following form with your updated contact information and your Mavs playing history (years of play, teams you played on, etc) and we’ll add you to our alumni list and keep in contact!

Mavs Hall of Fame

Mavs Hall of Fame being added to our website soon! Stay tuned!